The company was founded in Boston, MA from deep maritime, commodities and data science roots. We employ core data science principles to provide unparalleled visibility into the future movements, activities and trade for all wet and dry bulk fleets.

Matt Morgan

CEO / BD - Son of a son of a sailor, talker on zooms, and coding more than the team prefers. 12 years in Maritime Tech - Product @Genscape Vesseltracker, Co-founder @Weft (acquired), CIO @Veconinter

Sergey Crane

Head of Analytics - Turning data and coffee into models and forecasts. Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience in Commodities Analytics. Director of Product and Senior Technologist @IHI Terrasun Solutions. Natural Gas Analyst @Citadel, Senior Energy Analyst @Boston Energy Trading & Marketing.

Sky Riggs

Head of Product - Team-player, bandleader, always wearing too many hats. 15 years in machine learning and analytics. Product Lead @Sony Music Entertainment, @MusicPal, @Lattice Engines, Consultant @Monitor Group. Math & Econ @Williams College, MFA @Columbia.

Tom Kilgore

Head of Engineering - Working with data since before working with data was cool. 15 years experience in engineering, data science, and supply chain management. Founder @SerengetiAnalytics, @Handshake, @Lattice Engines, @Accenture, B.S. + M.Eng @Cornell Engineering.