The company was founded in Boston, MA from deep maritime, commodities and data science roots. We employ core data science principles to provide unparalleled visibility into the future movements, activities and trade for all wet and dry bulk fleets.

Matt Morgan


Previously Director of Maritime Product @Genscape Vesseltracker (through acquisition), Co-founder @Weft (acquired), Chief Information Officer @Veconinter. Matt earned his MBA from Boston College, and BA from UC Santa Barbara.

Sergey Crane

Head of Analytics and Machine Learning

Director of Analytics and Optimization @IHI, Analytics and ML Lead @Edison, Natural Gas Data Architect @Citadel. Sergey earned his BS in Computer Science from UMass Amherst.

Michael Shafir

Head of UI/UX and Artificial Intelligence

Previously, Chief AI Architect @eviCore (now part of Cigna). Michael earned his Masters in Computer Linguistics and BS in Computer Science, Music and Linguistics from Brandeis University.